HTML for beginners

I first discovered the internet in the fall of 1998. Shortly after that I decided I wanted to build my own website. I surfed the net looking for sites to teach me html and found many of them. I found out I had a small problem though. I found out that at my age, I wasn't able to absorb new information as well as I did when I was young. I studied site after site, and after 1 or 2 months I finally did get my first small site made. Once I was finally able to catch onto the basics, the rest started getting a little easier. In time, I finally started making some half decent sites. Since then, my level of knowledge in website design kept growing.

There are lots of sites out there for you to learn html from, but not everybody finds every site, and not every site is good for everybody. That's one reason I decided to put up my own. Another reason, a good one I think, is that since I provide web hosting, I may get clients who currently use web builder programs and decide they want to learn html. There are good, and not so good, web builder programs out there, but they all have one drawback. No matter how good the program is, you will always be able to improve or touch up your pages if you know html.

I have broken this down into simple (usually) lessons. Each lesson is about a specific function starting from the very basics. As you go through the lessons your web page, and eventually web site, will get more useful. The best way to study is to not move on to the next lesson until you understand the one you are on. Rather than have a small number of detailed lessons, I decided to make a large number of very short and simple lessons. If you can handle, and actually learn, one lesson a day, you will learn html faster than I did.

To go through these lessons you will need to write your own pages. There are several options out there to do that, but one option that everyone has is "notepad". It's a very simple text editor and html is a text based language. If you don't know how to bring up your notepad program, click on your "start" button, go up to "programs", then "accessories" and you should see "notepad" in there. I suggest that you right-click and send to desktop to create a shortcut on your desktop because you will be using this program a lot.

Only the first few lessons are here at the moment, but there is enough to help you put up your first web page. I will be adding more lessons a little at a time as I have the chance to. Later on I will add a quiz so you can test your skill.

Let's start learning html

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