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Our free subdomain hosting options require you to link back to us in exchange for the hosting. Our 5 MB package, WHS5, only requires a text link at the bottom of your main page. Our 10 MB package, WHS10, requires either a text link at the bottom of each page, or a banner at the bottom of the main page.

Your main page isn't necessarily the index page. The main page is whatever page is used to navigate the rest of the site, the page that the visitor will go back to now and then. Text links must be readable and no more than 1 size smaller than the standard font size. If your site uses frames, the banner(s) and/or link(s) do not need to be in every frame, but must be on the page(s) in the main frame.

We do occasionally check all sites hosted with us and if your site does not meet the requirements for the free hosting, we may edit your site as needed, or request you to do so. If we need to do this more than 3 times, you will automatically be switched to our paid hosting plan and be notified of this change.

For a simple text link, just copy and paste this code to somewhere on the bottom of your page.
You may alter the text as long as it does tell visitors about us.

To use one of our banners, copy and paste the code below the banner of your choice to use it on your site. The banner must be on your main page





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