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Here are links to all of the legal material on this site. Some parts apply only to specific services or situations, while others may apply to multiple services or situations. These links can also be found in the sections of this website where they apply.

Because some services involve multiple legal documents, if you plan to look at, or read, multiple documents, you may find it easier to open the links in new windows or tabs.?

Many of our legal documents have simplified and full versions. The simple versions are to give you a quick coverage. By ordering any of our services, you are agreeing to the full version of any and all related legal documents, whether you read them or not.

DocumentApplies To
general all services website hosting website design domain registration other
Master Business License
- registered in Ontario, Canada
Privacy Policy (simple) - main details X X
Privacy Policy (full) - all details X X
Web Hosting T&C (simple) - main details X
Web Hosting TOS (full) - all details X
Web Design T&C X
Web Design Guarantee X
Domain Registration T&C (simple)
- our own basic terms
- full terms depend on the TLD
Domain Registration T&C (full)
- depends on the TLD
Domain Registration Refund Policy X
Our Forum T&C - to be added soon
(before we actually launch our forums)

We will be doing some updates, changes, and additions to some of our terms in the near future.

If you have any questions, please contact us.