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E-commerce, short for "electronic commerce", is the process of doing business transactions over electronic means of communications, most popularly, the Internet. Any business wishing to cover a wider geographical market area can use e-commerce to reach, and do business with, that larger market.

E-commerce consists of various specific functions which depend on how you want to do business, and what you want to be able to do. It can be as simple as having a form on a website for visitors to contact you requesting a product or service, and you following up on it, or it can be as thorough and complicated as having a shopping cart system on your website where customers can order a service, make payment, and receive that service automatically, like a subscription or access to a "members only" area.

Here are some of the features you may need, with links to more details.

Merchant Account* - A merchant account is what allows you to accept credit card payments.

Payment Gateway* - A payment gateway is what connects your online store to the credit card providers to authorize payments.

Shopping Cart - The shopping cart is your website system to get and manage your customer orders.

SSL Certificates - SSL, (Secure Socket Layer), certificates are what allow a website to transmit sensitive data, like credit card details, between your website and the visitors browser.

Toll-free Number - A toll-free number gives customers a way to call you for free.

Business Start-up - We can help with just about any aspect of starting your own small business, either directly, or by helping you find where to go for help.

Other Services - We can provide you with other services as well, like logo or banner design, & stationary design and printing.

*A merchant account and payment gateway can be fairly expensive to sign up for and have monthly fees that may not be worth spending at first. For small, or new businesses, there are 3rd party alternatives to this, like Paypal, where you can take credit card payments. For low volume sales, this works out cheaper. If you need help deciding which way to go, or finding 3rd party options, contact us.