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Here are links to some sites we have found useful. This is a small list for now. Later on we will add many more and do more categorizing. (these links automatically open in new window)

Internet Subjects - variety of tools and services - various Internet tools - provides a graphical traceroute of Internet connections - World Wide Web Consortium (they develop Web standards) - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (they keep the Internet working) - operated by Icann (central hub of the Internet) - Perl programming documentation - Full Web Building Tutorials (ALL FREE!) - everything PHP
we have more will be added in the near future

Business Startup - take credit card payments the easy way - Services for entrepreneurs in Canada - Writing a Business Plan - general business advice and information - United States Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center - In-depth Educational Business Guides, Resources, and Tools
we have more will be added in the near future

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