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Some of these scripts will work with any interface program
last updated June 19, 2013

A recent cpanel update appears to have made a change that stopped my WHM addon scripts from working. If you are getting an error saying something like "can't locate... .pm", log into your server in shell as root and issue the following command:
perl -MCPAN -e 'install JSON::XS'
That will install a perl module that is needed.

Server owners and resellers will love this...
My WHM addon scripts are easy to add to the WHM skin. Just put the script in the right place and it will be listed under the Add-Ons section. All you need to do is upload the WHM addon's to /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi, set variables, change the extension, and make it executable.

All scripts for WHM are for "Scripts Club" members only. The other scripts will remain free for anyone, but you will have to join my "Scripts Club" for any WHM scripts.

Remember, my scripts club is only $10(US), or more if you really like the scripts, and you are a lifetime member, for as long as I'm around that is. ;-)

I'm going to leave the WHM script to mount/unmount backup free for all so non-members can get a look at how addons work.

If you want to try one of my WHM scripts and can't afford the $10 scripts club fee, email me and let me know which one you want to try. I will email you 1 free WHM script, but without joining my scripts club, you will not be notified of future updates to the script or about new scripts.

Here are the scripts that are currently available:

"Search File Contents" - use grep and perl regular expressions to search for files anywhere on the server containing whatever you want to search for (you can even view the files it finds)
This is a members only script that lets you specify a path to search and what to search for, and the script will give you a list of all files containing what you search for.
Easy to find out who has email forwarders to Yahoo etc, who has cron jobs set to run frequently, and anything else you may want to search for. It's a simple script and the searching couls be done easily in shell, but this lets you do it from WHM.

"Site Monitor" - notify you when apache is, or may be, down
This is a members only script that retrieves the headers of any number of sites you want to monitor at any frequency you want. If it takes longer than a preset time to do so, either apache is very slow or may be down, so an email is sent to you.
It's best for this script and the email to be on a separate server so if the server goes down, the script will still work.

If you haven't bookmarked this page, do so now and check back regularly to see what new scripts are ready. You can also join my scripts club and then you will be notified when new ones are up.

Many of the scripts provided here are free, but some of them have "extra features" that are only available to "Scripts Club" members. If you like our scripts, or would like to take advantage of some added bonuses, or want the full features, join our "Scripts Club". For a donation of as little as $10, you can help with the future of our scripts, get added bonuses, and feel good about yourself. Get more details about our scripts club here.

If you wish to talk to me directly about membership, or have any questions about our scripts club or our scripts, email me at

We have a few scripts for custom cpanel functions, but they are not currently designed to be easily used by others.

All scripts include full instructions on how to use them and should be easily set up by anyone who at least knows how to write html. We are not liable for any problems that may occur from use of our scripts. Most of them are pretty simple and if you have a basic knowledge of perl, you can easily tell what the script does by looking at the code.

The scripts may occassionally be modified, either due to a bug found in the code, or more likely, additional features or improvements. You are free to alter the scripts any way you want, but it is at your own risk, and it means if we bring out a newer version, you will need to make the same adjustments if you want the newer version. You can check back here for new scripts or updates, or you can be notified by email of additions or changes by joining our "Scripts Club".

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